The Yellow Wallpaper soundtrack (2020) 

The Yellow Wallpaper is a Kevin Pontuti/Alexandra Loreth film based on a short story written in 1892 by Charlotte Perkins Gilman. The film was premiered at The Cinequest Film Festival, March 20 – 30, 2021.

“The score in “The Yellow Wallpaper” immediately catches audience attention as well. Composed by Robert Coburn, the film’s original score hums, chirps and screeches in a melodic madness that ebbs and flows in tandem with Jane. The score’s enchanting quality inversely makes the few scenes of silence all the more spooky.”
‘The Yellow Wallpaper’ renovates classic house of horrors – Maya Thompson
The Daily Californian – March 25, 2021

“Meanwhile, Robert Coburn’s minimalist electronic score, at first barely noticeable, becomes more and more pervasive, like the smell that Jane insists comes from the walls and gets into everything. By the end, sight and sound have combined to engender a heady synesthetic response in the viewer, so that the oppressive atmosphere becomes almost palpable.”
The Yellow Wallpaper (2021) – Anton Bitel
Projected Figures – March 20, 2021

“Robert Coburn’s score is instrumental to building the slow-burn intensity of Jane’s mental state. It is minimalistic but effective, fostering a feeling of chaotic unease in viewers the deeper into the story we go.”
‘The Yellow Wallpaper’ Stains Everything It Touches with an Unflinching Look Into Mental Illness Worthy of Its Source – Katelyn Nelson
Killer Horror Critic – March 21, 2021

“Now, allow me to prepare your ears for the soundtrack of The Yellow Wallpaper. It is a cacophony of dissonant sounds which evoked feelings of insanity. There was more than one occasion when I felt like the soundtrack was starting to drive me crazy. Which I am sure was the intent and it was masterfully executed. I am unsure if the sound was as unsettling from beginning to end or if there was a slow build, what I do know is that as time went on, my auditory experience became increasingly more stressful and that made the movie even better. Low ominous repeating tones competed for your attention with high screeching notes making for one anxiety-inducing soundtrack.”
[no title – no author]
Horror – March 23, 2021