[complete list available by request]

Instruments, computer/electronic sound, and video

  a soft breath of winter light (2017) for Japanese sho, piano, and electronic sound 

  Kaze no Yume (2012/2017) for solo sho, mokusho, rin, computer, and video

  Tokyo - Naoshima - New York - Berkeley - Berlin (2015)  for Buchla analog modular
    synthesizer, computer soundscape, and video

  Interstitial Traces (2012-13)  for alto and baritone saxophone, computer soundscape, 
    and video  ~  Animation by Celia Eid

  Kaze no Yume (2012)  for sho, ryuteki, hichiriki, mokusho, rin, computer, and video

    Written for Ko Ishikawa and the Autumn Wind trio, Tokyo

  emptiness [reflection] (2010)  for alto saxophone, computer, and video

  emptiness [refraction] (2010)  for computer and video

  Fragile Horizon (2007)  for viola, computer, and video

  In Stillness (2005)  for violin, computer, and video

  Patterns Luminous (2002)  for shakuhachi and computer music

  TranquilTurmoil Dreaming (2001)  for shakuhachi, computer, and video

Fixed media - video and audio

  Interstitial Space
(2014) - video and audio

    Collaboration - Audio by Todd Barton

  Prelude to a Distant Collaboration (2012) ~ video and audio
    Collaboration - Video by Celia Eid

  Voice (verse 1) (1999) ~ audio only

  faces... faces (1978) ~ audio only

Chamber music

  new work yet unnamed (2017) for violin, cello, and piano

  ... for Clyfford Still (2016-17) for violin, cello, and piano

  Quiet Traceries [Return] (2015)
    Tracery 1 for solo piano
    Tracery 2 for clarinet in A, bass flute, vibraphone, and piano
    Tracery 3 for bass flute, guitar, and string bass
    Tracery 4 (Last Traces) for clarinet in A, string bass, vibraphone, and piano

  Quiet Traceries (2015)
    Tracery 1 for solo piano
    Tracery 2 for clarinet in A, bass flute, vibraphone, and piano
    Tracery 3 for bass flute, guitar, and string bass

  Whispers of Time Part I (2014) for guitar, clarinet, viola, cello, bass, marimba, and

  Environs (1984)  for multiple sampling keyboards, soprano saxophone, and tenor voice
    Portland Composers Festival Commission

  Ad Vesperum (1979)  for voice and 11 instruments 

Solo instrument

  distant light... quiet stream (2016-17) for piano

  Quiet Tracery (2015) for piano

(2013-rev 2014) for piano, written for and performed by Tokyo pianist Satoko Inoue

  Shadowbox (1994)  for clarinet

Vocal Works

  18 Free Floating Clouds - for Sam (2014)  for 10 women's voices

Gallery Installations

  between... beyond (2003) ~ Reynolds Gallery, University of the Pacific

Permanent Soundworks (Public Art)

  Bell Circles II (1991) ~ Oregon Convention Center, Portland