Friday, October 10, 2014

Back to Tokyo

September 2014 made a quick trip to Tokyo for the premiere performance by Satoko Inoue of my recent piano composition, Three. As always she played beautifully!

It was great to be there again.

Once I got there I took a day to recuperate. Did some shopping at the world famous Kiddy Land for some Relakkuma.

and had some great tonkatsu at Maisen.

The concert was at the Ryogoku-Monten Hall in Sumida. Here we are at the front door.

It's a great, typical Tokyo performance space - small, intimate, independently run.

Had rehearsals in the afternoon. 

Compositions by Paul Hayes, Takashi Fujii, Daiki Okuno, David Rosenboom, John McLachlan, Manfred Stahnke, and myself. It was a great time.