Thursday, August 22, 2222

Fulbright in Japan

In 2011 I received a Fulbright Scholars Award for research and teaching in Japan. During the 2011-12 academic year I lived in Tokyo where I was affiliated with the Intermedia Department of Tokyo Geijutsu Daigaku (Tokyo University of the Arts). I lectured on a variety of topics related to new technology and the interaction of sound and visual image.

My activities in Japan took several different directions related to my own creative projects. With the generous assistance of Ko Ishikawa (sho) I composed Kaze no Yume for sho, ryuteki, hichiriki, mokusho, rin, computer, and video. I also spent time collecting field recordings, and taking photographs and videos for use in future works.

Just before leaving for Japan I received an invitation from French/Brazilian animation artist Celia Eid to collaborate on a project. I proposed we make this a distant collaboration across our two continents, my being in Japan and her in France. The result, Interstitial Traces for alto and baritone saxophone, computer soundscape, and video can be seen in the video area of this blog. Since its completion in 2012 it has received numerous performances primarily in Europe. An interview with Celia and myself will soon be released online through Stigmart press.

While in Japan I was able to pursue my interest in traditional Japanese art forms including Noh, gagaku,  and kabuki. I also had the great fortune to spend time with several composers, performers, and visual artists including Satoko Inoue (piano), Norio Sato (guitar and director of ensemble NOMAD), composers Jo Kondo, Kiyoshi Furakawa, and Shintaro Imai, and artists Tetsuya Noda, Masao Yamamoto, Toshio Shibata, Nobuhiro Fukui, and many others.

It was an extraordinary time. I'll share my experiences in my posts here. For something more specific, see the labels at the right.