Sunday, January 8, 2012


It has been a while since I posted anything and I've fallen behind a bit but I did want to blog about my day at Comiket81. Those of you who follow anime and manga may know what this is. For those of you who don't it is a bit hard to explain. Basically it is a huge fair where doujinshi circles (amateur manga groups) show and sell their self-published books and various other things. It is a major event in Tokyo drawing over 500,000 attendees. And it is very crowded even though Tokyo Big Sight, where it is held, is the size of several football fields!
So... lets go - for those of you who are not manga or anime Otaku, I will warn you when we approach the long collection of photos inside the hall.

It was a beautiful day going out there. Tokyo Big Sight is built on one of the man-made islands in Tokyo Bay.

You take the monorail to get there.

And there's Big Sight!

It's an incredible building and worth the trip just to see it.

I got there after noon so I missed the hordes of people waiting for hours to get in and buy books before they all sold out. Here are a few pictures inside one of the doujinshi halls. There are several halls this size and all just as packed with amateur manga circles selling their wares.

I finally found my way upstairs because I was mostly interested in the corporate booths. Here is a look back at the path to the second level. Everywhere you wait in lines and move as one big clump.

So now I will plunge inside to the corporate display booths area. This may not be the most exciting set of pics if you are not into anime/manga but come along if you are interested. 
It's certainly colorful (and did I say crowded?).

And for those of you who watched Hanasaku Iroha -

And what's a corporate show without at least one inflatable?

And finally when I emerged I looked down and there was the cosplay area. For those of you new to cosplay that is where fans dress up as their favorite character and pose for fan photos. 
Crazy - there were lots of cosplay attired fans walking about.

I didn't venture down there but it looked like everyone was having a great time.
So that's it for Comiket81. Comiket82 happens this summer and maybe I'll explore that one as well.  :-)