Saturday, January 14, 2012

Akiba to Tokyo Dome

It was a beautiful, sunny Saturday here in Tokyo so after a little shopping trip I decided to skip the subways for a while and take a walk. I started in Akihabara.

The center of things manga and anime in Tokyo. Actually I was there looking for a MIDI keyboard.

It's quite a neighborhood and always colorful. Then off to Ochanomizu, still after that keyboard. Ochanomizu is the center of musical instrument stores in Tokyo - probably at least a dozen multistory stores within 3 blocks all selling every guitar known to man. But sadly no keyboards. So I gave up and decided to walk - it was such a nice day. If you want to follow the route I went from Ochanomizu to Jimbocho (the used book store capital of Tokyo), then to Suidobashi (home of the Shonen Jump store and the Tokyo Dome Amusement Park). 
Here are some pics of the Ferris wheel and the wild roller coaster.

Finally at Korakuen I settle for the subway to go off to Ikebukuro and try one last keyboard store. No luck there either but it was a nice day out.