Thursday, December 29, 2011

Tokyo International Film Festival

Very early on we went to the Tokyo International Film Festival. It is the largest film festival in Asia with an incredible line up of films - eight days with several films on multiple screens daily!

We went to see 7 films in three days. FUN!

Most of it was at the Roppongi Hills Cinema Complex at the very upscale and interesting Mori buildings in Roppongi. Very cool architecture. SO... to show that I was actually there - note the film tickets in my pocket and the Louise Bourgeois Spider sculpture behind me!

This was one of our favorites - Once in a Blue Moon although here it was called A Ghost of a Chance. It is a story of how a lawyer defends her client when the only witness to his innocence is a samurai ghost who had been sitting on him the night the murder was committed. Many side and sub-plots - both funny and very human. A nice evening.

We also really like The Sheep of Gaza, a story of a poor fisherman in Gaza who pulls in a pig which is, of course, a forbidden animal in his religion. Again, both funny and very human at its core. It won the Audience Appreciation Award for the festival.

We also saw the premiere of a very cute animated film called Hal's Flute.

And then on the heavy side we saw The Mill and The Cross - an art movie about the making and meaning of a 16th century painting.

Just a tiny fraction of what was being shown. It was a good week.