Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Asian Computer Music Project Conference

I had  great time at the ACMP Conference last weekend (Dec. 16-18). The conference was a joint venture with the Japanese Society for Sonic Arts. It was held at Tokyo Denki University.  I gave a paper on composers working with music and video including my own work on Fragile Horizon. Here are a few misc. pics I took with my cell phone - (not great quality... gomen nasai)

Conference director and composer Naotoshi Osaka (center) and composer Shigenobu Nakamura (left).

This is a little hard to see but it is a presentation on Brain Music. Takayuki Hamano is wearing a sensor cap that tracks brain motion. With this he selects and composes in real time various musical ideas just by thinking about them. Kiyoshi Furukawa is the director of this project. Very convincing...

This presentation was by En-Ju Lin. Her paper was about a piece for pipa and computer sound) by Taiwanese composer Chih-Fang Haung who was also at the conference. He is chairman of the Taiwan Computer Music Association. She performed the work on the evening concert and it was a very nice. There was also a piece on the concert for biwa after which they played a beautiful pipa/biwa duet.

And finally some shots of the surrounding neighborhood - an area I had not previously explored. It was a beautiful December day in Tokyo!